Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Welcome Back, maybe

Wow, what on EARTH? I haven't even visited this site in four years or so and what, I have 36 followers. Maybe I should actually start writing something now. I am revisiting that idea. I got too busy having kids for awhile there. Now I have a new laptop and wham, I want to write. It's been building up and building up and building to... wait for it... another useless blog post. Ha!

Maybe not. I actually signed on to E Blogger to create a new blog, and maybe I still will, but I really didn't plan on using this one anymore. Maybe my poetic intuitions have taken a new identity. Maybe I am too much of a MOM now. Whatever it is, I think I need to escape to some words again. Facebook was a cheap substitute for awhile. I am tired of that now.

So I will think on this still, maybe a day or two, maybe another few years, lol. Think on keeping this blog, or using it, or giving it up officially forever. I'm not sure yet.