Saturday, October 17, 2009

Getting my words back?

I am starting to think that maybe, just maybe, after a year long absence from writing for the wrong reasons, I might, just might, be slowly getting my words back. I hope. I feel them bubbly in the background but that isn't to say that they'll disappear again. I miss my words. My creative writing, that is. I miss that. It used to be my world when I was a kid. I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. I'm still growing up in some ways...
I started out writing stories that I still have, unfinished, in binders in the basement. Sad. But the ideas are still alive. Then I wrote poems, because they were shorter and could be completed in a short session. What handicapped me as a writer, I think, was never learning to write outside of emotional outbursts. Maybe that is all I am seeing now - new outbursts, only expressed in words because it has been long enough since the last outburst. Or maybe, just maybe, I am slowly learning to write with my brain as well as my heart. Hm. Or maybe I am just having an outburst of some kind right now... hm.
oh i don't know what i am saying
still looking for those words
i think i have written poems about this before
i hope they are not lost
words words
this could be fun though, i think


Crystal Sullivan said...

Yay! le tme be the first to welcome you back!

Another Grad Student said...

me too! i just went through a box of old poems and screenplays and whatnot that were written when i was like 12 (at an age when i just KNEW that i would be an award-winning screenwriter at 17)

so i'm happy for you and your writing :)

-just a random blog reader

totallyTUBAular said...

Hi, found your blog by randomly sifting through a bunch of them. I am finding my "words" again as well. I'm learning to not care about perfection so much and just get words down on paper. Editing can always be done later... Anyway, good luck to you with your writing. And I hope the words you search for come to you and stay with you.

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